Welcome to 22nd Street!

There are several ways to help out a family in need. You can answer a letter or donate directly.

Letters from Chelsea

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We have a few dozen letters that have come into the apartment in Chelsea and through our Facebook Group. These letters are filled on a first come, first serve basis. 

Letters from Brooklyn

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We've teamed up with the AWESOME elves at The Patrol Borough Brooklyn North and NYC Together gain in 2018 to fulfill letters from kids in Brooklyn, NY. Their schools have identified the students as living below poverty level and are in great need.


Donate Today

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If you want to help towards the efforts, the money will go towards making sure these efforts are supported and so much more.


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Need Santa's Help?

Are you a family in need? We may be able to help. Follow us on Facebook and we will announce when we are accepting families for the 2019 Santa’s List. Typically in November, thanks!